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Humanscale is the leading manufacturer of ergonomic office tools. From task chairs to LED lighting, Humanscale products create a more comfortable place to work. Our award-winning designs are created with simplicity and performance in mind and are developed alongside ergonomic experts.

To find out which of our work tools would suit you and your workspace best, read our Introduction to The Active Workspace.


All Ergonomicedge orders are acknowledged with a promise date (scheduled ship date) based on the product with the longest lead time. Large orders may increase standard lead times. Standard shipping charges will be billed to customer. Custom platform orders require 4 to 6 weeks. 

Seating orders, unless otherwise specified, will ship 4 to 6 weeks from the date of order. Unless otherwise contractually specified, Freedom and Liberty chairs will ship with the base and frame disassembled. Chairs can be easily assembled in seconds without use of tools. Blanket-wrapped shipping is available for full truckloads of 200 or more Freedom or Liberty Task and Conference chairs. Consult your Ergonomicedge representative for blanket-wrapped shipping requirements for Cinto and the Liberty Side Chair. 

Ship Sets: All products ordered on a single purchase order will be delivered together in a single ship set. To break a ship set, customers must indicate “Ship as Available” on the purchase order. Upon request, customer accounts may be defaulted to ship all orders on an as-available basis. 


Product shortages must be noted at the time of delivery and reported to the carrier for correction. Claims against Ergonomicedge for shortages, errors, etc., must be made in writing and within three (3) days of the date of delivery or customer waives its right to make such a claim. 

FREIGHT CLAIMS Ergonomicedge will file all F.O.B. destination claims. In order to receive credit, customer agrees to cooperate and assist in the procedures set out by the carrier and Ergonomicedge. 



If the shipping container shows any external damage, customer is instructed to refuse the product at time of delivery. If it is a multiple piece shipment, customer may refuse only the damaged items. Ergonomicedge will not issue full credit for returned product unless customer takes the following action steps: 

1.     Note damage on the delivery receipt at time of delivery.

2.      Refuse product at time of delivery.

3.     Contact Ergonomicedge Customer Service within 24 hours of the attempted delivery and advise them of the damage.

4.     Enter a chargeable replacement order; credit will be issued after the disposition of damaged product is determined. 


If customer determines that there is internal damage not visible at time of delivery, customer will retain all packaging materials and take the following action steps within fifteen (15) calendar days from the date of delivery: 

1.     Request inspection by calling local freight carrier to report damage.

2.     Retain merchandise in the original box.

3.     Call your Ergonomicedge Customer Service agent to provide order and product information.

4.     Get a copy of the inspection report from carrier.

5.     Enter a chargeable replacement order; credit will be issued after the disposition of damaged product is determined. 


All returned and non-damaged refused orders are subject to a five percent (5%) restocking fee. Seating and special order returns will not be accepted. Customer must request a Return Authorization through the Ergonomicedge Customer Service Department within 45 days of product receipt to return any product. If Ergonomicedge agrees to restock the product, customer must return it freight prepaid to Ergonomicedge, F.O.B., to the original shipping point or as otherwise instructed by Ergonomicedge Customer Service. If product is returned without a Return Authorization, Ergonomicedge will notify customer of the unauthorized return and customer must provide instructions for its disposition within one week thereafter. Failure of customer to respond within one week will result in Ergonomicedge’s right to dispose of the product with no credit. Return Authorizations expire sixty (60) days after the date of issue. If the returned product is not in resalable condition, customer will not receive credit for the return. Customer must promptly provide a purchase order or other acceptance of fees/credit reduction as required.