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Nova Light


Designed to complement any work surface and enhance any workstyle, the new Nova task light offers endless adaptability in a striking, sculptural form. The custom lens and LED array create a uniform pool of glare-free light that can be adjusted exactly to each user's preference. Energy Star-certified to benefit people and the planet, Nova is a lighting solution for today and the future.


Exceptional Light Quality

Alternating between sitting and standing throughout the day can boost productivity and mood, and reduce the negative effects of sedentary behavior. QuickStand Eco’s seamless operation allows you to quickly sit or stand when you choose.

Energy Efficient

As we consider the impact of our products on people both during manufacturing and when they are in use, QuickStand Eco is built with sustainable, non-toxic materials and is the embodiment of Humanscale's design philosophy.

Personal control

There are no knobs or levers to adjust - Humanscale's Continuous Force™ self-locking mechanism keeps the equipment safe and stable while you work.

Long-Lasting Sustainability

QuickStand Eco is the only product in the sit/stand category to be certified with a Declare label from The International Living Future Institute (ILFI).

smarter lighting

Forgot to turn the lights off? Nova has you covered. Each lamp features Smart Dimming technology that automatically turns the light off when no movement is detected, conserving energy and costs.

Endless Connectivity

Low battery life no longer needs to be a daily struggle. Nova’s optional Desktop Charging Base, complete with two USB ports, keeps your mobile devices conveniently charged throughout the workday.



Design Story

As the lines between office and home blur, Humanscale Design Studio created Nova, a highly versatile LED task light that combines industry-leading technology with a sleek design. Nova was designed with a timeless aesthetic and long-lasting durability.