Monitor Arms

Monitor Arms

With more people working off flat panel monitors than ever before, a flexible, strong and adjustable monitor arm is an essential tool in the modern office. Humanscale’s range of robust monitor arms offer extreme stability, sleek designs and effortless functionality, and instantly create a more flexible, dynamic workstation.


As well as promoting space saving and a clutter-free workspace, our monitor arms support a healthier, more ergonomic working posture. Encouraging the user to align the monitor at the correct height for them, our monitor arms prevent eye and neck strain, as well as making adjustments simple for a more open, collaborative space.

Humanscale designs monitor arms for every application, from our standard, high-performance M2 monitor arm to M/Flex, our solution for up to six monitors and the world’s most scalable monitor system.

All of our monitor arms are exceptionally durable, simple to use and position and built to last, with innovative mechanical springs replacing traditional, failure-prone gas cylinders.

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M2 Monitor Arm

FEATURESReplaces the failure-prone gas cylinder of current-generation monitor arms with an advanced ..


M8 Monitor Arm

FEATURESSupports the widest range of monitors available today—virtually any monitor ranging from eig..


M8 Monitor Arm w/ Crossbar

FEATURESRugged, high-capacity construction supports dual-monitor applications with optional crossbar..